Understanding Networks

Understanding Networks: Packet Sniffing

October 30, 2018 Understanding Networks

It took some time to figure out what I was looking for with Wireshark. Overall, I found Wireshark to have a wealth of information, but to be ultimately overwhelming.  Herbivore was very helpful in making the information more approachable, even if I thought I was getting a very narrow view of the available information.  I started by figuring out the IP addresses of my devices, and trying to see where they appeared in the results.  Either through accident or userRead More

Understanding Networks: Traceroute

October 2, 2018 Understanding Networks

I decided to traceroute three of the sites I access the most, from the places I’m at the most.  From both at home in Brooklyn, and from ITP, I tracked facebook, an rpg site I’m a part of, and my itp blog.  To get approximate locations, I used http://geoipinfo.org/ and plotted the locations using https://mapmakerapp.com/   The maps can be found at: https://mapmakerapp.com/?map=5bb2a9167cdb25133544426d5659 The majority of the hops from itp were the same within New York. A few odd exceptions were: the hop from facebookRead More

Understanding Networks: Socket Game

September 10, 2018 Understanding Networks

This week’s assignment was to design and create a controller that could  connect to a server using a TCP socket connection to play a game. My initial thought was to use some of the skills I’d learned in Social Wearables this summer.  Since I haven’t picked up an muscle sensor yet, I decided to use the homemade pressure sensors we made instead.  To test the idea, I started by connecting a regular fsr to the arduino MRK1000, and worked onRead More