Introduction to Computational Media

ICM Final Project

Title: Interactive Whack-a-Mole Description: A web project that, with serial connection, allows players to physically whack digital moles for points, bragging rights, and fun.

ICM: Final Project Proposal

Idea: Interactive Whack-a-Mole game My initial idea was to recreate a whack-a-mole game in browser, and possibly add components to it using skills learned in PComp.

ICM: Video and Sound

The assignment for today was to create a sketch using video and/or sound.


We’re working on APIs, pulling data from JSON files and integrating them into our p5 sketches. While I was able to complete a sketch in class on Weds, I find that I’m having a bit of trouble getting the API I’m currently working with to get the results I want. I can get the description and information to print to the console, but am getting an error when I try to pull it into the sketch. I’m continuing to workRead More

ICM: DOM Elements

This week’s assignment is to incorporate DOM elements into our sketches.

ICM: Code reorganization and functions

This week’s assignment was to reorganize our code. We could break out our code in setup and draw into functions, use a function to draw complex designs, or write a function to that returns the result of a mathematical operation that you need to do several times in our code. I chose to break out the code in setup and draw into functions. In hindsight, I also should’ve found a way to simplify my code as well.

ICM: More Fun With Animation and Integrating Code

This week, our assignment was to work with rule-based animation, motion, and interaction. I was initially going to try to do some work with the bouncing balls. What I ended up doing was creating random colorful dots that filled the entire screen.

ICM: More fun with animation

Decided to do a little more playing around with animation tonight, and this is the result. I liked the idea of making something kaleidoscope-like, even if I did have some trouble with getting it to reverse on mouse click. Eventually I figured out how mouseIsPressed actually works, and I’m pretty happy with. Couldn’t decide if I liked it better with or without the stroke, so I tried both.

ICM: Week two, animation

This week’s assignment was to create a sketch that include all of these: – One element controlled by the mouse. – One element that changes over time, independently of the mouse. – One element that is different every time you run the sketch. We had the option of iterating on week one’s assignment, or creating something new with simpler shapes to make sure we understood the concepts. At first, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so I justRead More

ICM: Computation and Interests

Write a blog post about how computation applies to your interests. This could be a subject you’ve studied, a job you’ve worked, a personal hobby, or a cause you care about. As someone who previously worked in manufacturing, and recently pivoted to being a developer, computation plays a large role in my interests. I started with creating static websites on geoCities during undergrad, and continued to teach myself new skills by maintaining websites for various organizations in college. Working inRead More