API of You

API Of You: Final Project

April 26, 2018 API of You

For my final project, I decided to continue working on my midterm. I found the work that the Committee to Protect Journalists does to be both meaningful, and important, even if it wasn’t always easy to research.

API of You: More fun with Node JS

April 19, 2018 API of You

I’ve finally managed to get my node server up and running successfully, and terminal is no longer crashing when “heroku create” is entered. That in and of itself was a huge win for the week, and I may or may not have punched the air in glee. 🙂

API Of You: Using JSON data in HTML

April 5, 2018 API of You

For this week’s homework, we were to take the json file we created last week, and place it on a webpage, using a JS script. Initially, although I could step through the code and attempt to debug it, even if it wouldn’t append to the div I was trying to place it in. Currently, I’m having issues with it stepping through the code, and it still won’t append. I’m also getting 404 not found errors in my terminal. While I’mRead More

API of You: Week One

March 27, 2018 API of You

Assignment: Create a simple JSON file on any dataset. Don’t overthink it, something simple is fine… but it should be something that is interesting to you.