Thesis: user testing of quick prototype

February 26, 2019 Thesis

After a couple of starts and stops, I’ve managed to put a 360 video of a conversation on a viewer. This post will probably be updated (or maybe a new one?) after I get more feedback from my thesis group & other testers.

Here’s the QR codes if anyone is interested in following along with this prototype. There’s a separate one for iOS and Android.

iOS QR Code
Android QR Code

It’s important to note that this prototype isn’t related to my thesis topic. It’s a technical test to see if the idea is worth continuing to prototype, and if the vehicle I’m using to tell the story is a valid one.

So far, the feedback I’ve gotten is that I need to make adjustments to the speed of the video. This was more problematic in the time lapse example, but I’d like to look into making it less upsetting for people who are sensitive to VR.

Other feedback I’ve gotten, was that I’d have to be more proactive in working with the sound of the video. The sound levels of conversation in the rest of the room wasn’t bad, but going forward I should look into using an external mic to get the right levels on the conversation I’m focusing on.