Design for Discomfort: Social Media Truth or Dare

October 31, 2018 Design for Discomfort

Our first assignment was to repurpose Truth or Dare.  After coming up with a couple of ideas, we settled on Social Media Truth or Dare.  It’s interesting to play with the idea of how people curate an idea of themselves on social media, and how it differs from their actual self. 

Social Media Truth or Dare will look at pushing people outside of their social media comfort zone by interacting with those they don’t.

Rules of the game:

  1. Form a group of 2-4 people
  2. Log onto your social networks
  3. Spin the bottle to pick first player
  4. Ask “truth or dare?”
  5. For truth, have player post a screenshot of one of their search histories (facebook, instagram, internet browser, etc).
  6. For dare, command the player to take a random selfie, tag the first person that comes up under any letter, and post the selfie along with #blessed.
  7. Wait for reactions / repeat