Designing for Live Performance: Model Box & Projection Concepts

M.H, Rui, & Kellee
For our take on Hedwig, we decided to replace Hurt Locker: the Musical, with Saw: the Musical.  We were intrigued with the idea of reimagining the set in another irreverent musical.  Our three song choices are Origin of Love, Angry Inch, and Midnight Radio, with our model box being 1/4 scale. 

Keeping with the theme of Saw: the Musical, our initial set will include a bathtub, chains, and body parts, with the band and Hedwig placed to either side of the bathtub.

Rendered set design

The concept for Origin of Love is to use images like the ones below, breaking them apart, and reforming them into interesting forms. 

For Angry Inch, we’ll strip the intro down to guitar and a single vocal line, in the style of Johnny Cash’s version of “Hurt”, be fore ramping it up to the full version.  We plan on designing projections in the style of the Nip/Tuck intro, with the sounds of scissors as lines are drawn.  Lines will start off scattered but coalesce into figures, words, and images that are appropriate for a particular verse or even individual words. 

render_video from Kellee Massey on Vimeo.

Midnight Radio’s concept revolves around the idea of having puzzle pieces coming together to form one image