Understanding Networks: Traceroute

October 2, 2018 Understanding Networks

I decided to traceroute three of the sites I access the most, from the places I’m at the most.  From both at home in Brooklyn, and from ITP, I tracked facebook, an rpg site I’m a part of, and my itp blog.  To get approximate locations, I used http://geoipinfo.org/ and plotted the locations using https://mapmakerapp.com/   The maps can be found at: https://mapmakerapp.com/?map=5bb2a9167cdb25133544426d5659

Zoomed out view of my traceroute results from itp.
Closer view of my results from itp, without the global results

The majority of the hops from itp were the same within New York. A few odd exceptions were: 
the hop from facebook in CA to to facebook in NYC
the hop from NYU, to Amsterdam, to Los Angeles 
in that same traceroute, it hopped from LA, to CO, to Hong Kong, and then to Palo Alto.

traceroute results from home

The hops in the traceroute from home were more what I expected, starting on the east coast, hitting middle America, and ending on the west coast.