Understanding Networks: Socket Game

September 10, 2018 Understanding Networks

This week’s assignment was to design and create a controller that could  connect to a server using a TCP socket connection to play a game. My initial thought was to use some of the skills I’d learned in Social Wearables this summer.  Since I haven’t picked up an muscle sensor yet, I decided to use the homemade pressure sensors we made instead.  To test the idea, I started by connecting a regular fsr to the arduino MRK1000, and worked on figuring out how sensitive the range was.  Could I use one sensor, using certain thresholds to move the paddle, or would I have to connect multiple pressure sensors? 

Once I had the mrk1000 set up, I worked through one of the WiFi101 examples provided by Arduino.  After a couple of attempts, and a reminder that I needed to register my device, I was able to get the example to run as intended. 

The next step, was to get the existing sample code running, with the idea that once I knew how to do that, I could tweak the code as needed to make it my own.  I started with the telnet example, just to make sure that I was connecting properly, with no success. 

I tried two different ip addresses.  The ip address that is the game server, and the ip address that was listed in the WiFi101 example.   I’ll continue to try and make some headway on it, but as of now, it needs more work.