API Of You: Final Project

April 26, 2018 API of You

For my final project, I decided to continue working on my midterm. I found the work that the Committee to Protect Journalists does to be both meaningful, and important, even if it wasn’t always easy to research.

I knew that I wanted to somehow make the women more than just points of data in this iteration of the project. While I still included the same statistics that were in the midterm, I added a timeline using timeline js, that I hope reminds us that the data represents women who who’s lives were cut short much too soon. In 2017, there were 8 female journalists killed, while there’s only one death thus far in 2018.

Adding the data to the timeline took a couple of tries, but once I figured out correctly add input to the spreadsheet, it went rather quickly.

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Overall, I’m happy with my progress in learning how to use node and javascript for server side applications, even if I’d like to get a little more experience doing small projects. My updated project can be found here.