Collaborative Design for AI: Week Three

This week, we’ve been working on refining our project down to a minimal viable product. We’ve also spent time considering how we want to implement our ideas, and if we’ll create a physical prototype, or just a clickable prototype in sketch or InVision.

This week, while doing research on comparable products, I came across Youper. Youper is an app that is designed to combat anxiety, by using neuroscience, technology, and design. The app is designed to improve social skills by offering quick conversations and tools, such as mindfulness sessions, goal setting, and tracking your emotions. It’s a free app, and is available on iOS and Android devices. The app is intuitive, easy to setup, and quick to get started using. There’s several things to like about the app, such as the relaxed feel of chatting with the bot, tracking my emotions, and the ability to do mindfulness exercises.

In the upcoming week, we’re each working on designing what we think a prototype of our solution will look like. As of now, I’m thinking of a simple app/chatbot application to start. I feel like it’s important to address the underlying issues with our persona’s anxiety while interacting with people.