API of You: More fun with Node JS

April 19, 2018 API of You

I’ve finally managed to get my node server up and running successfully, and terminal is no longer crashing when “heroku create” is entered. That in and of itself was a huge win for the week, and I may or may not have punched the air in glee. 🙂

The bulk of my time since class has been taken up by watching the videos, and getting caught up. Currently, I’ve got a pretty good grasp on why the web application works the way it does, and am working on adjusting the interface so that I can update and delete pets without having to use the ID, or editing/deleting each entry directly in the database. So far, its been trial and error for the most part. I’m able to understand how objects work in the app, though when re-creating one, I’m still using reference material. Still, I’m making forward progress, so that’s a good thing.