API of You: Week One

March 27, 2018 API of You

Assignment: Create a simple JSON file on any dataset. Don’t overthink it, something simple is fine… but it should be something that is interesting to you.

After thinking about a couple of different options, I decided to make a json of my resume, since I’m in the process of revamping it. While doing so, I kept running into errors in JSONLint, revolving around trying to list the responsibilities of each role. While falling down the stack overflow rabbit hole was kinda helpful, I’m still working on figuring out what I didn’t get right.

"name": "Kellee Massey",
"address": "1665 Cornelia Street 2L, Ridgwood, NY 11385",
"website": "https://www.kelleemassey.com/",
"linkedIn": "https://www.linkedin.com/in/kelleem/",
"gitHub": "https://github.com/Kelsin33"
"User Experience Design"
"company": "Ventech Solutions",
"role": "Junior Developer",
"Create and maintain customer correspondence, reports, web services, and web
"Create reports in Microsoft SSRS.",
"Create letter templates for use in enterprise collections tool.",
"Develop solutions from technical designs, develop and perform unit testing, and
participate in code reviews of assigned modules.",
"Develop web and console applications to specifications.",
"Skills used: SQL Management Studio, Visual Studio, FICO DM9."
"location": "Dublin, OH",
"startDate": "January, 2016",
"endDate": "August, 2017"
"company": "Allen, Williams, & Hughes",
"role": "Apprentice Software Apprentice",
"Refactor code to meet coding standards.",
"Merged code from development to test branch.",
"Performed on device testing for mobile applications.",
"Wrote code according to AWH standards for websites and mobile applications.",
"Participated in daily standup meetings and monthly retrospective meetings.",
"Skills used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, C#, SQL."
"location": "Dublin, OH",
"startDate": "August, 2015",
"endDate": "November, 2015"
"company": "Verizon Wireless",
"role": "Customer Service Specialist",
"Offered customers information on specials, ways to save, and contract information.",
"Displayed courtesy and strong interpersonal skills with all customer interactions.",
"Researched issues in various systems to resolve complaints.",
"Kept customers up to date about issue resolution progress.",
"Provided support and problem resolutions for customers.",
"Provided technical support for phones, tablets, and mobile hotspots."
"location": "Dublin, OH",
"startDate": "August, 2013",
"endDate": "December, 2013"
"company": "Ball Metal Beverage",
"role": "Adjuster",
"Acted as backup Quality Assurance Chief.",
"Provided reports through Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing (SAP).",
"Reported daily storeroom numbers and compliance during morning meetings.",
"Ensured high quality of product by monitoring & running production lines.",
"Educated plant employees in use of company email.",
"Re-wrote Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) for Plant Maintenance."
"location": "Columbus, OH",
"startDate": "June, 2006",
"endDate": "December, 2012"
"education": [
"school": "New York University",
"program": "Interactive Telecommunications Program",
"description": "ITP is a two-year graduate program located in the Tisch School of the Arts whose mission is to explore the imaginative use of communications technologies — how they might augment, improve, and bring delight and art into people's lives. Perhaps the best way to describe us is as a Center for the Recently Possible.",
"degree": "Master's in Professional Studies",
"graduationYear": "2019"
"school": "Kent State University",
"program": "Technology",
"description": "The Bachelor of Science in Technology provides students with a breadth of knowledge and experience and gives students the option of using electives to develop depth in a chosen area. This program, best suited for students with general career goals or who want depth of knowledge in a specific technical area such as casting or quality, is accredited by the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering.",
"degree": "Bachelor of Science",
"graduationYear": "2014"
"projects": [
"name": "Interactive Whack A Mole",
"url": "http://www.kellee.tech/2017/11/06/icm-final-project-proposal/#more-214",
"description": "Interactive Whack A Mole is an updated version of the game a lot of us played as kids. I wanted to play with the idea of taking a game that is generally a physical game, and give it an digital interavtive component."
"name": "Kindred",
"url": "http://www.kellee.tech/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/DMI_Final.pdf",
"description": "Kindred hopes to help find a community that is supportive, educational, affirming, and social. A place to create connections with people like you. With Kindred, you can create and share with others as well as find resources that have been vetted by others within your community.",

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