Designing Meaningful Experience: Experience and User Journey Maps

Create both a journey map and an experience map for your final project. Post your maps to your blog and your insights on what the process of creating these maps meant to your design process.

Initially, it took me awhile to figure out what exactly I needed in the experience and user journey maps. In previous courses I’ve taken, an user journey map would be the steps the user would take to complete a task using the solution you’ve designed. However, with the instructions to not concentrate on on individual screens, it took me some time, (and several iterations) to sketch out both maps. In addition to the experience and journey maps, I also did an empathy map to help refine my ideas for the other maps.

For the experience map, I concentrated on the task of finding a doctor that my persona would be comfortable booking an appointment with. It follows Maggie as she lays out her concerns about finding and booking a doctor with minimal stress.

For the journey map, I tried to emphasize the emotions, thoughts, and actions needed to complete her tasks.