Designing Meaningful Interactions: Ideas and Personas

Think about three different people you care about and identify an idea for each one for an interactive experience or application. Base your ideas on your insights into the person you are designing for. Do they like to cook, procrastinate, exercise consistently or spend time with family? What are their work and play habits? What frustrates them on a consistent basis or could help save them time or energy? Think about the unique behaviors of each person and identify an idea that could improve, enrich or enhance their life. While you are designing for a particular persona, consider others who might benefit from the use case for your idea. Come to class prepared to present 3 personas and an idea for each. For each idea prepare a title, paragraph and 1-2 images. From your three ideas the class will help you identify a final project.


    77 years old
    Retired nurse
    not a lot of time to spend
    doesn’t want something complicated
    tech adverse


    Currently getting her house ready to put on the market
    needs a way to quickly and easily vet and schedule appointments from contractors.

    Cooking less, eating out more
    would like to a way to order meals for one person without hassle of cooking, or using a lot of ingredients, or the cost/hassle of a subscription box service


    56 years old
    married, 2 kids, 1 grandson
    both kids and grandson live at home
    busy, cares for grandson while job hunting


    needs a way to schedule on the fly daycare for a few short hours at a time
    short term
    concerned with safety


    32 years old
    works full time, lives alone
    tech savvy
    socially conscious and active
    non binary


    1) ways to identify safe spaces in the city
    2) App that consolidates queer resources all in one place. Doctors, therapists, jobs, housing, safe spaces, bathrooms, etc.
    – hard to find information because it’s scattered and not focused in one place. For example, Columbus has one listing and facebook group, but what if someone is traveling or moving?