PComp: Final Project concept, BOM, planning

Assignment: Prototype for playtesting. Come up with an initial design for your final project’s user interface and develop a plan to user test your design with users with an interactive sketch.

Idea: Interactive Whack-a-Mole game
My initial idea was to recreate a whack-a-mole game in browser, and possibly add components to it using skills learned in PComp.

After getting feedback from my PComp classmates, I decided to make it more than just clicking around the screen. My idea is to project the moles (and a few surprise images) onto the wall in a random pattern that users will be able to “whack” with a real mallet. Audio files will be used to add to the interactiveness of the sketch, with sounds played when the user hits a mole, when they miss, when the timer runs out, and when the score is shown.

For the play test, I’m planning on having users play the initial game in browser, and then play the more physical version of the game. This will involve print outs of moles taped to the wall, that they can whack with a mallet, and gain points.

Sketches of ideas:

In class feedback from initial pitch:

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