ICM: DOM Elements

This week’s assignment is to incorporate DOM elements into our sketches.

After thinking about trying to find a project that I could tie into my PCOMP class, I decided to recreate a project I’d previously done with javaScript, jQuery, HTML, & CSS. I figured that I could use a joystick with the Arduino to make it a serial project. And while I figured it’d be relatively simple on the surface, as I began to work on it, I discovered I was having a couple of problems. While some parts of the project were easy to transfer, like the html, css, and most of the javaScript, I had problems figuring out how to exactly recreate the jQuery parts in P5.
Here’s the original project: Whack-a-Mole

Thanks to Mathura’s office hours and the ICM help session, I’ve made forward progress, but it’s still not working like it’s supposed to. I’ll continue working on tweaking it. p5 version

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