Physical Computing: Digital Input and Output with Arduino

One of this week’s assignments was to come up with a simple digital or analog application. After confirming that I could re-create the lab we did in class, I moved on to see if I could have several LEDs blinking at different speeds controlled by a program. After trying unsuccessfully to get two LEDs going at once, I decided to start documenting my attempts on my blog.

One LED controlled by a program:

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One LED blinking from Kellee Massey on Vimeo.

Two LEDs:
Getting one LED to blink was the easy part, adding on LEDs was a little more tricky. My initial setup didn’t yield the results I wanted.

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After tinkering with the board and generally pulling my hair out, I realized I hadn’t added the pinMode for the new LED.

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Two LEDs from Kellee Massey on Vimeo.